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Footprints-Science have produced hundreds of GCSE Science animations, interactive quizzes, drag and drop activities, wordsearches and much more.
Memorable animations
Hundreds of revision quizzes
Drag and drop activities
Interactive wordsearches
Multiple choice questions

Improves enjoyment of learning science and student motivation
  • Footprints-Science have produced hundreds of interactive animations, differentiated revision quizzes and other activities to help students with GCSE science revision and A-level chemistry revision.

  • This website contains free examples of our interactive slides and quizzes.

  • To gain access to hundreds of interactive slides, quizzes and drag and drop activities you can purchase a one year online licence.

  • Alternatively, you can buy the interactive slides on CD-ROM.

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Footprints-Science have produced a highly efficient planner.
Personalised teacher planner based on your own timetable 2018-19
Automatically sorts lessons according to your timetable
Automatically reorders lessons if a group misses a lesson
Each group is colour-coded for easy identification
Keeps track of homeworks set
Used successfully by teachers for over 5 years

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