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Footprints-Science have developed GCSE Science animations and quizzes and A-level Chemistry animations and quizzes. Our products include :

  • Clear, memorable interactive Flash animations - easy to understand and easy to use.
  • Hundreds of interactive science quizzes
  • Drag and drop activities (some are timed)
  • Interactive wordsearches
  • Timed pairs activities to learn keywords
  • Multiple choice quizzes

'We have been using your products for some time now. It is probably the best (and single most used) product that we have ever bought.'

Our products have many advantages.

  • Improves enjoyment of learning science and student motivation
  • Frees up more time for practicals and extension tasks. The core information can be understood very easily by students
  • Saves drawing diagrams or writing notes on the board during the lesson. You will have more time to focus on individual students and their learning
  • Saves hundreds of hours of lesson preparation
  • Quizzes and animations that are ideal for GCSE science revision lessons

'Since showing it to my colleagues they could not wait for it to be on the school system so they could use it. In fact, minutes after it was on system they were using it!'


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